Download music straight to ipod

download music straight to ipod

download music straight to ipod

Steps to Download Music to iPod Directly. Step 1: Download and install TunesMate on your computer, and then plug in your iPod using a USB cable. Step 2: Click “Music” tab at the top. Go to “Add > Add File/Add Folder”. Step 3: Select the music files or folders to download, the songs will be added to your iPod in a short time.

 · We’ll learn how to download music on iPod in 2 ways. The best part is — we won’t need iTunes for that. Magic? Perhaps, but I’d say modern technology. 🤓 So let’s see how to download music on iPod! CASE 1. Pre-download music on your HDD, transfer it to iPod. First of all, create a folder for the songs you want to download on your ...

 · Click the "music" icon to show the music on your iPod. Then click the Add icon "+" on the right to choose the songs you hope to transfer from your computer. Click on the "Open" to start transferring. After the transferring, you can enjoy the MP3 files with your iPod on the go.

 · 5. Music. In the iPod folder, you’ll find another one titled “Music.” This is your iPod’s central music folder. If your iPod is empty, you won’t see anything in it, but if you’ve already transferred music with iTunes, you’ll see a bunch of random numbers and letters. Don’t worry, iTunes renames these songs during the transfer ...

 · Download Music Straight To iPod - No iTunes - Quick and Easy Steps below: 1. Start up iPod and open Cydia. 2. When Cydia eventually decides to load, go to Search and enter dTunes 3. Install dTunes ...

 · This wikiHow teaches you how to download songs onto your iPod using iTunes on a computer or by purchasing and downloading music from the iTune Store App. Open iTunes on your computer. The icon looks like a multicolored musical note inside...

Some free iPod music download apps like Deezer, 8Tracks, Free Music, Spotify, and Rdio are worth considering. Top 3. Go to Free iPod Music Download Sites. There is a mass of free music on the Internet that is produced by artists just waiting to be discovered. Through those free music websites, you can listen, copy, share and even eurn the tracks to CD/DVD. Here is an essential selection that ...


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