Pashto language books free download

pashto language books free download

pashto language books free download

This is the Pashto translation of a short Hadith book wrote by Muhammad Ashiq ilahi al burni.Translated and Research in Footnote in Pashto language by Dr Siraj ul islam Hanief in 1998A.D. favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite ( 1 reviews ) Topics: Pashto ahadis, Dr Siraj ul islam books, zad u talibeen.

So search, download and read lots of Pashto books. Tuesday, June 5, 2018. by Admin. Da Sher Sultan Ali Khan, Pashto PDF Book 2:02 AM. Posted by Admin at 2:02 AM 2 comments: Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Labels: Literature and Art. by Admin. Pakhto Matalona - Pashto PDF Books 1:57 AM. Posted by Admin at 1:57 AM 2 comments: Email This …

Available for free viewing or download from Google Books. D.A. Shafeev 1963. “A Brief Grammatical Sketch of the Afghan Language” in P.B. Zudin (ed) Russian-Afghan Dictionary. Moscow. ~130 page Russian language description of Pashto grammar. Other Books. David Burns 2007. Progressing in Pashto. Peshawar: Interlit Foundation. Intended as a supplement to Randall Olson’s Speaking Afghan ...

We are providing a mirrored copy of some pashto text books for levels 1-12. The books have been prepared by the Afghan Ministry of Education. We would like to add that the 2009 version of the books initially appeared on an unknown website ( but since the said website is not active any more, we are providing a copy here at Khyber.ORG.

A Pashto-language tutorial course book. Following content in this book. Read Different mode of Pushto Alphabets, Present Indefinite Tense and learn Pushtu Present Continuos Tense. letter writing in Pashto and more download or read online complete Pashto language training book. total 134 …

islamic books in pashto Afghanistan Pakhto Pushto Pukhto Pashtu Pushtu Afghani پښتو كتب اسلامية بلغة البشتو افغانستان

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