Why do isps control modem firmware

why do isps control modem firmware

why do isps control modem firmware

 · Even though ISPs have the ability to remotely update the firmware on the routers they distribute to customers, they often don't and in some cases the users can't do it either because they only have restricted access on the devices." In Nov. 2015 Bernardo Rodrigues wrote ARRIS Cable Modem has a Backdoor in the Backdoor. The buggy devices are the ...

 · Increased parental control and better administrative access to your router in general go hand in hand with installing third-party firmware for your router if it is available. Not every router has a custom firmware set available, but those that do often have increased security, better quality-of-life options and an extended shelf life thanks to support going beyond the natural life of the ...

 · ISPs should contact their modem manufacturer and ask them to create a new firmware that is not vulnerable, so they can roll it out as quickly as …

 · ISPs controlling internet usage would also violate the first amendment by limiting users free speech with their ability to control what content is put out on the internet and what websites we are and are not able to access. The government giving ISPs total control of the internet is just a way for them to gain control over the people. If the government were to succeed in giving ISPs control ...

So I received a response from my ISP confirming that they in fact do push firmware updates to DOCSIS 3.0 routers, but that "Right now, I’m showing the version we have on your equipment is V1.02.21 and there is not another version currently available to update to.Since I'm outside of my warranty period, apparently I have to pay $90 to alert Netgear that they are slacking in regards to keeping ...

ISPs control firmware updates on cable modems. There is nothing that you or Netgear can do about it. The ISPs don't want anyone else messing around with hardware on their networks. If you have fears about the security of your internet connection, talk to your ISP. Or, to take back control of your security, buy a router and work out how to put your C7800 into modem only (bridge) mode. Just ...

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